How about video games?  One of my best friends suggested this when we were brainstorming ways I could make my millions now that I was done with all that “music stuff.”  And why not?  The gaming industry is huge.  In 2009, the gaming industry’s domestic haul of $19.66 billion dwarfed Hollywood domestic box-office record of $10.6 billion.  Experts will point out that these numbers suffer somewhat from the “apples to oranges” comparison, but it is enough to spell a troubling trend that Hollywood is sure to exploit.

Still, I’m not above checking this out.  I suppose the only reason I haven’t already is because the time simply hasn’t presented itself.  The actual “writing” part of being a writer hasn’t taken very much of my time; I’ve just been busy getting my feet wet in all the other new things which are part and parcel for someone facing such change.  Besides, I have a toddler at home who likes to play with his daddy.  Maybe a good time will be once he’s in kindergarten, and therefore not home to see daddy’s “research” involves countless hours playing Assassin’s Creed. 

Sound silly?  Well, it does to me also, but I recently “ghosted” a project for someone who was putting together a video tutorial on something similar.  The client is an expert in his industry and insists that this is the way to go.  Oh, he also insists you ought to spend copious amounts of time lurking in the shadows of video game conventions.  Perfect advice for Peter Pan types like myself.  Or, it would be if I even had my X-box hooked up properly.  This article from the Onion sums up the strained relationship I’ve had with my 360 for the past several years.  It’s an inspiring piece and almost persuasive enough to motivate me to do something.  Almost.


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