Maxwell Sinclair

Profession: Principal Cellist of the Madison Chamber Orchestra, freelance soloist. 

Age: 26

Training: Curtis Institute of Music, Indiana University Jacobs School of Music. 

Marital Status: Single

Physical Description:  At 6-foot tall, 190 lbs, Max possesses a good, strong physical condition.  He has brown hair, blue eyes, carries a third-degree black belt in Aikido, and his lean athletic build comes from competitive swimming.

History:  Max was a child prodigy.  He first soloed with the Philadelphia Orchestra when he was ten, then the New York Philharmonic when he was eleven.  Everyone expected a far more traditional career path from such an impressive talent, but Max’s has been somewhat spotty, mostly due to his devotion to his godfather’s well-being.  Globetrotting with the famous, and aging, Dr. Phineas Monroe has come at a hefty price for Max, at times even including cancelled solo engagements.  The result: Max’s career has become cloaked in infamy.  Though he continues to keep the good will of his colleagues — not a soul in the classical music community doesn’t know at least one great Maxwell Sinclair story — it is a constant struggle to maintain his solo career due to the schedule complications which ensue chasing after his godfather.   

Temperament:  A happy class clown, Max has a very positive way of looking at things, generally.


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