Philadelphia Orchestra Bankrupt

Hot off the press.

Former Governor Ed Rendell says that the news wouldn’t reflect poorly on the city as long as the orchestra keeps the music playing.  “Nah, I don’t think it matters if the orchestra continues performing. If they stopped performing, that would be something different,” he was quoted Monday. “I think everyone understands . . . that the country is going through tough times, and individual and corporate giving is significantly reduced. Virtually every orchestra everywhere is dealing with the same issues.”

It’s tough times when the Philadelphia Orchestra files for Chapter 11, which is set to go on Wednesday.

John Koen, chairman of the player’s committee, said the five musicians at the meeting were the only “no” votes on the 65-member board.

“It was a terrible letdown. I think this is a tragic decision for the orchestra,” said Koen.  “A big orchestra has never done this before. It’s impossible for the musicians not to feel betrayed by the board of directors … It feels like a vote of no confidence for the future of this orchestra that’s been around for 111 years and world famous for 99 of those years at least.”

Principal Oboist Richard Woodhams said, “We’re in a state of shock, really.  I think it’s a very, very sad day for culture in the United States and the world.”


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