I woke up this morning to find one of the characters from my novel Abyss of Chaos, had left his ruminations on the subject of Evil on my dining room table.  The following are his words, and not to be taken without your morning cup of Joe.  If you ever meet this person . . . run for your life.


Evil.  Since the beginning of Time, men have struggled to know it.  Struggled to define it.  Struggled to believe in it.  This is the natural way of things.  Denial of evil is natural, and therefore permissible.  As is apathy.  Evil has never required your faith, or that you care.  And a good thing it is too – for all have denied it.  All have accepted evil which confronted, even while denying the creeping evil within.  It is confusing, I know, but you are not required to understand.  You are not required to dwell on these matters.  It is enough to know that it was never possible to have one evil without the other.  Yet, never fear; though this is a difficult dilemma, you needn’t worry.  You will always do right by Me.

Evil is everywhere and it is nowhere.  It is rich and it is poor.  It luxuriates in the heart of power, but it is
equally sustained by the hearts of the meek.  The seed of evil is found corrupting the full range of these extremes, for all lies first lurk within.  Then, as if carried upon the wind, its potent vitriol pollinates human crop, and Evil dusts the countryside with its dark nature, the weight of which at once light and heavy.  But you feel it.  Oh yes, you feel it deep in your bones.  Its misery-laden weight shackles, and drags you, inexorably towards further sin.

Evil is indiscriminate of ideology.  It loves denial, and offense; call someone or something ‘evil’ and celebrate in how you have offended.  Take pleasure from denials and protestations, for this is the water that makes evil grow.  Your small experiment in evil will spread like wildfire, and you will be amazed at how quickly you lose track of its progress.  Ah, but why would you do such a thing?  Well, you serve Evil also.  Didn’t you know?  Are not your prejudices responsible for My success?  Is not your apathy part of the Grand Design?  Did you not stand by and do nothing while your brothers and sisters went unfed?  While your people waged war?  Tortured?  Mutilated?  Murdered?  Will you deny these things still?  Even after your lesson in denial?

Did you really believe that the existence of these evils would not yield a sum greater than its parts by
merely ignoring them?  Of course you didn’t.  You know better.  You are responsible.  And responsible men and women recognize a call to action when they see one.  They do not change the channel to something less troubling.  They do not pass the blame to others.  They do not make the mistake of believing that by feeling sorry for the afflicted, they are somehow righting the world’s wrongs.  Responsible men and women do not make the mistake of believing that they are required to inhabit the soul of Mother Teresa in order to ‘make a difference,’ and, by finding themselves inadequate to the task, simply give up.  Responsible men and women do not trot off to war merely because they are incapable of reasoning their way from the dooming conventions of men.

And thus, a world of such ‘responsible’ persons, like sociopathic hoarders, has collected these evils, and built still greater institutions to keep them, uncatalogued, when more space was needed.  A world of such ‘responsible’ persons has neglected its smaller evils until they’ve coalesced into one massive, overflowing cesspool.  The ever-growing putrid stink of it never more than a minor inconvenience, as long as there was something better to occupy your waning attention.  But what else were you to do, when any action, no matter your good intentions, would only yield still more putrescence?  Isn’t this a contradiction?  Of course it is, but I didn’t make the rules, so you needn’t blame Me.  Yet, worry not, you are not alone.  All are lost in the manifest jungle of contradictions.  All – including you, My accomplice.  So I’ll say again: you needn’t worry, you will always do right by Me.  Remember?

Alas, you cannot have evil in Me without evil in you.  Oh, it is a deliciously tricky conundrum!  It is far easier to simply not believe in Evil, don’t you think?  Matthew 7:18 assures us that ‘a good tree cannot bear bad fruit,’ so how could God knowingly create Evil?  What does this say about God?  Don’t answer that – I wouldn’t want you to start hating Him too, now would I?  Besides, I am dying to help you find your way.  Let Me help you.  Close the blinds.  Lock the door.  Find a quiet, private room.  I have something to tell you.

Evil is real.

Evil is as real as the stars in the night sky.  By light of day, when the sun brightens, softly warming winter’s frost, do the stars exist no longer?  Is their dim light cold merely because you cannot feel the heat of their churning flames?  Believe in Evil.  I tell you: believe


For I have known its bloat.  I have bloodied my face on its carcass, and, in turn, fed it to my young – drip by luscious drip.


Evil is real.

Evil is real.


I . . . am . . . real . . . .


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