This post is long overdue.  For the past several months I’ve been making friends in the online authoring world.  The internet is rife with all kinds of professional opportunity and making friends there has been one of those happy little accidents life sometimes throws in front of us.  One new friend made enough of a positive impression that we’ve launched a small enterprise together.  Her name is Pavarti Devi.  The enterprise is Escapistpress.

Escapistpress is an author co-op designed to provide resources and support to other authors (primarily Indie) seeking discovery.  The idea is to pool resources for the benefit of all — just like you’d imagine any co-op, but in the authoring biz, that means blog/interview tour networks, contact info for various book promoters, useful links, BETA readers and free editing services etc.  Any one of these services is worth a lot of money, but the author co-op absorbs these costs by the motivated individuals who join.  For instance, if I were to hire someone to organize a blog tour, it might cost me $1k or more.  Hiring a professional editor is the same.  Other services provided within our author co-op are time savers.  For instance, finding multiple reputable websites that do cover design will take some time, but at Escapistpress, it’s already posted in one place.  It’s free, and there for the pluckin’.  We hope that as our traffic grows, so will our numbers of quality authors who have joined the co-op.

Another thing we’re doing over there is interviewing industry hotshots.  We launched with a fantastic interview with Emlyn Chand of Novel Publicity.  Coming soon are SNM Horror Overlord, Steven N. Marshall, Book Guru John Kremer and Smashwords founder and CEO, Mark Coker.  If you haven’t read Emlyn’s Interview — go now!  We’re archiving this stuff, but you won’t want to miss what she has to say about the future of publishing and the single biggest mistake you can make as a new author.

I should point out one other thing over at Escapistpress:  CreateSpace vs. Lightning Source.  These are the two titans, right?  If you’re scratching your head wondering which of these is for you — Pavarti Devi’s done her homework to create this invaluable article.  It lists everything:  ISBN, cover art, imprint, return policy, wholesale discount, retail price, domestic/international distribution, marketing services, and so much more.  This article is as comprehensive as it is informational.

So now you know about Escapistpress, and what that nifty little badge is along the side of the page.  From time to time I may give a shout out to something awesome happening over there, and I hope you’ll drop by for a visit sometime.  Peace out.


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