Hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July weekend!  Fans of Raiders of the Lost Ark will love this video, which is all about searching through historical documents which reference the fabled Ark of the Covenant.  Today’s post is the first in a planned video series on the Ark of the Covenant, so check back frequently for new content.

This video is a National Geographic special and features someone called Graham Hancock, a person hotly criticised by mainstream archeologists.  Nevertheless, the special is interesting and this clip presents plenty of factual information about the Ark.  The trick with watching specials like these, I find, is focusing on what sources are referenced.  I love the legends attached to the Ark, and find it fascinating that when considering ancient history, legends and supernatural elements are recorded “factually.”  It makes it tricky sometimes to decipher exactly where myth leaves off and fact begins, but that’s the tasty stuff, isn’t it?  Enjoy!


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