Okay now you’ve heard it all.  Over on the Abyss of Chaos channel I’ve been offering up some videos on different beliefs about the antichrist.  (One of the characters in my action/adventure/supernatural thriller.)  Today I thought I’d share something silly.  It’s silly for obvious reasons, but in case you’re the type to watch this and go, “OMG!  OMG!” maybe I should point out that this type sleight of hand is as old as the hills.

This video tells us that, in Hebrew, the word for “lightning” is Barak and the word for a high place, or Heavens, is Bama.  Throw in a commonly used Hebrew conjunction “u” or “o” and you get Barak U/O bama = “Lightning from the heavens.”

Now that we’ve got that, let’s look up some diabolical scripture which includes “lightning from the Heavens.”

Luke 10:18, “And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning falling from the heavens.”

Now repeat the scripture substituting Hebrew for the second half of the sentence and you get, “And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as Barak O Bama.”

Who knew Jesus was a Fox News pundit?

First off, if you’re going to play this game, then you ought to include every other scripture from the Bible which pairs lightning and heaven.  I imagine there are many more Bible verses that would name Obama God, or an angel of God since it’s generally thought of as Satan coming from the bowels of Hell and divine things coming from the heavens, but whatever.

Second, anyone know the difference between ancient Aramaic, the language Jesus actually spoke, and modern Hebrew?  Just asking, because I don’t.

Third, if Satan, sorry, Obama is falling from the heavens, what happens when he lands?  I mean, if it is physical, wouldn’t he go splat, and all our problems would be over?  Or, maybe it’s metaphorical.  In which case, Jesus might have been talking about Obama’s approval rating.  Either way, those who were eager to jump on the Obama as Satan, or Obama as Antichrist bandwagon must be breathing a sigh of relief at how well the Republican party has managed to demonize a charismatic but largely ineffective President.  I mean, once you’ve managed to demonize the demon, it’s pretty hard for the demon to deceive people into believing he’s the Messiah, right?

Oh well.  You simply can’t argue with an idiot.  He’ll only drag you down to his level then whoop your ass with his experience.


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