Good morning peeps!  Happy Monday!  This morning I’m posting on the beautiful martial art called Aikido.  Fans of my forthcoming novel, Abyss of Chaos, will know that the main character is an Aikido master/cellist, naturally, so today I thought I’d post some videos with Aikido demonstrations.  Those of you who haven’t witnessed this art are in for a real treat.

Aikido literally means “way of love.”  It’s my favorite martial art for two reasons: 1) My brother is a second degree black belt in real life. 2) Philosophically, Aikido is an enlightened martial art.  It uses the attacker’s aggression against the attacker.  If the force of the attack is great, then the force of the defense is greater.  Besides the attacker getting what he/she deserves, and no more, it is also effective for smaller practitioners since mastery doesn’t involve being stronger or bigger than your opponent.  It simply involves being more clever than your opponent.  Action starts at 32 seconds — witness the beauty of Aikdo!

I hope you enjoyed this!


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