Ah YouTube.  It’s amazing to me that in the day of the Internet and viral videos, authors continue to suffer writer’s block.  YouTube alone is such a wealth of inspiration, and it’s all right there, in glorious stream of consciousness search mode, just waiting for your fingertips type something.  Anything.

Today, I typed the word “secrets of.”  But rather than “finish” my search by supplying the “what,” I decided to let YouTube offer suggestions.  YouTube didn’t disappoint.  It provided ten choices.  Ten gloriously tantalizing topics to write about.  I started with “secrets of the moon,” remembering that I have a fun novel outline in my story bank that includes a plot thread which follows a lunar archeologist.

But that isn’t the video I’m sharing here.  No, this one is about Hitler’s skull.  That’d make a fantastic book title, and it’s got bestseller potential, wouldn’t you agree?  So.  *rubs hands together briskly*  Who’s gonna write it first???


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