South Africa

Oxford trained scholar, Tudor Parfitt believes the Ark of the Covenant may be connected to the Lemba people of South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Tudor Parfitt

FACT: He believes he may have found the “descendent” relic of the Ark.  Check it out.

  • The Lemba’s DNA signature connects them to one
    of the original 12 Tribes of Israel.
  • According to Lemba oral tradition, the Ark was
    carried south and hidden in the Dumghe mountains.  According to the Second Book of Maccabees, the
    Ark was spirited away from the Babylonian invasion of Jerusalem in 587 BCE and
    hidden in a cave on Mt. Neebo.  Parfitt
    cites other sources that the Ark was taken from here to the Yemen.
  • According to Lemba oral traditions, the original
    Ark deteriorated from age. (Well, it is, like, 5000ish years old!) Using a core
    from the original, the Lemba priests constructed a new one. The replica was
    later discovered in a cave.  Parfitt
    tracked this object down and had it radio-carbon dated to 1350 AD.

Aksum, Ethiopia

OMG!  The Ark is totally in Aksum in Ethiopia!  Well, so they say.

Protector of the Ark?

Aksum’s claim to possess the Ark of the Covenant is historically compelling – if not necessarily convincing.  It burrows deep into ancient politics and shapes contemporary Ethiopian notions of identity.  For the regional dynasty, the issue of keeping the Ark of the Covenant under lock and key was a bit like the “controversy” orbiting President Obama and his birth certificate.

You see, possession of the Ark of the Covenant was tantamount to “historical proof” that a guy named Menelik had royal heritage.  Or, so says the Book of the Glory of Kings. (An Ethiopian sacred text, also called the Kebra Nagst.) The book makes the claim that the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon had a son named Menelik, and Menelik later smuggled the Ark from Solomon’s Temple, back in the day.

For Menelik, it wasn’t the “birthers” that bugged, but the “Arkers” – those pesky folks questioning whether or not he really had the Ark of the Covenant were actually questioning the legitimacy of the Solomonid dynasty in northern Ethiopia and Eritrea. Of course, Obama’s birth certificate isn’t supposed to be able to melt your face off, but other than that, the analogy is sound.

Interestingly, the Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox church had a bit of a misfire on June 25, 2009, when he announced to the world that he’d reveal the Ark of the Covenant the following day.  On June 26, the Priest made a second proclamation. He apologized and admitted the whole thing wasn’t going to happen that day, or any day soon.  (What do you think happened there?)

Knights Templar

If you’re a Templar lover, you’ll know that the theories of the Ark’s whereabouts begin to get really crazy when couched in Templar lore.  Here are

Oak Island Money Pit. Is the Ark down there?

just a few supposed resting places the Templars chose to protect history’s greatest mystery.

  • Languedoc, France
  • Warwickshire, England
  • Hill of Tara, Leinster, Ireland
  • Oak Island, Newfoundland, Canada

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