The wait is over!  Abyss of Chaos is a cool-action-adventure-supernatural-thriller, telling the story of a 26 year-old prodigy cellist and his aging archeologist godfather as they uncover a cryptic prophecy connecting them to the fabled Ark of the Covenant.  Abyss is the first book of a planned trilogy.  Click here or use the buy button at the right (image) to order your paperback copy today!


Want e-book format?  Never fear!  You can pick up your copy of Abyss of Chaos in September, as originally advertised.  Kindle readers may purchase through Amazon, Nook readers at Barnes and Noble, and all other formats are available through Smashwords.

Fabric of Reality . . . .

A dying Ethiopian Priest, a cryptic prophecy a centuries-lost map, and the fabled lost Ark of the Covenant – this is no way for a cellist to vacation. A great evil stirs, but Maxwell Sinclair simply wants to do right by his godfather’s unusually high expectations. As the world teeters on the precipice of chaos, Max hastens to retrace the footsteps of Menelik, son of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, though Max’s actions may have unintended consequences. Pack your bags for the thrill of your life, but hurry – the very fabric of reality is at stake.

Meet Max Sinclair!

The main character of my new novel has been online for the last two weeks, blogging about his adventures with his bookish godfather, Phineas Monroe.  In case you missed it, I’ll be reposting those blogs here, starting Thursday, for a week in celebration of the paperback release of Abyss of Chaos.  Follow along as Max and Phineas discover tantalizing ancient mysteries that may have more truth behind them than you might believe . . . .

David Writes Books?

Catch up on my backstory here.  My disability as a cellist has revealed the greatest super abilities of friendship of all those around me who have helped to make my turn as author successful.  Thank you to all of you, and I hope you find a bit of yourself in this book and will celebrate it as your achievement also.


David Beem

Abyss of Chaos

© 2011 David Beem




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