The second site referenced by the snakey-snake rock found in the Temple of Set, is a well-known site: Ghueita Temple.  Inside this fortress pictured left, is the temple, pictured below.  This is the site where we’re supposed to find corroborating evidence of our immortal.  Tasty.  More tasty?  Decoration on the back wall of the temple here was done during the reign of Darius the Great, (550-486 BC) close to 900 years after the snakey-snake rock. Which is cool, but not exactly compelling.  What is compelling?  The Temple beneaththis fortress.

Ghueita Temple

Ground penetrating radar has been a boon for the modern archeologist.  The reality of archeology is that most sites are fragile, and often too important to be hacked at with pickaxes.  When that’s the case, radar comes in super handy.  There were a number of reasons the team was already looking beneath this site.  Ask them.  I’m just a cellist, and, seriously, when Phineas starts going on and on, I usually avail myself of the opportunity to let my brain go into a nice, gelatinous state.  Which is when he springs the pop quiz on me, and I have to do the whole mental rewind thing, and espouse otherwise arcane information that most normal people don’t really care about.  So we’ll skip ahead.

Beneath Ghueita Temple lies a massacre.  At least, it hides an awful lot of dead bodies.  Getting down there isn’t going to happen in this lifetime.  The fortress above virtually guarantees that.  But check this out.  Beneath the graves are catacombs.  How old are they?  And what are the chances that our mysterious evidence of immortality lies inside?

Beneath the Temple

Now what if I told you they found an entrance to those catacombs?  And what if I told you we’re going there this weekend?  Oh yeah, the MCO contract negotiations would have been a far more enjoyable way to spend my time this summer, right?  Alfredo, this could be you.

Cellist adventurer. At least no one is shooting at me this time!

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