Site of mass human sacrifice.

You are looking at the floor of a stone basin, stained red with the blood of human sacrifices performed over 3,000 years ago.  The flexing of the fingers outlined here suggest the victims were alive when the imprints were made.  Add this finding recorded in my last post (thousands of bones piled up in the antechamber) and we’re looking at atrocities that amounted to the ancient Egyptian equivalent of the Jewish Holocaust.  Phineas is hard at work trying to locate any records mentioning something like this, but I’ve got to say, I’ve never seen him so stumped.

The archeology team is scrambling.

One question is how long something like this could have been going on.  Forensic anthropologists are hard at work reconstructing skeletons and dating bones.  The widest time spread catalogued so far (one skull and another tibia) was 200 years, leading most of those I spoke with to believe that this happened over a long stretch of time, which would explain why there is no known record of a holocaust of this magnitude in this period of Egyptian history.

The chamber contained a stone basin, apparently to collect the blood from the sacrifices, and a nearby altar.  Around the base of the altar were hundreds of tiny golden snake figurines, further convincing the team that this was indeed a temple to an evil Egyptian deity, presumably Set or Apep.  (Note from Phineas: Both names have been attributed to this particular deity at different periods of time.)

Also unusual was the absence of any hieroglyphics inside the temple.  One would usually expect to find paintings which told the stories of how someone-er-other was expected to enter the afterlife.  Their absence is chilling, says Phineas, because it further emphasizes the evil intent of whoever was performing these rituals.

Also discovered was part of a stone tablet depicting a sort of human aardvark, who Phineas identified immediately as Set.  There were inscriptions too; Phineas is working on a translation.  More as I get it.


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