A wonderful book blogger named Coral Russel over at Alchemy of Scrawl “tagged” me with a fun blog promotion I thought I’d share here.  Basically I’m to share seven things about myself that you may not know, then send readers off to discover some other bloggers by “tagging” them.  With that in mind, I’m going to lead off with a list of links to other bloggers I like, some of the friends I’ve made in this crazy authoring biz, then share my seven things.

Brandy Hunt

Sharon Buchbinder

Derek Flynn

Vernon Baker

Mandie O’Steen Stevens

Emlyn Chand

Paige W. Pendleton

Angela K. Roe

Krystal Wade

Jordan Butcher

Natasha Larry

Nova Sparks

James Crawford

Okay, now here are seven things about myself that you may not know.

#1  My son takes his middle name from my father.

#2 My wife has no middle name.

#3 My brother has a strange middle name, which he takes from my grandfather (mother’s father).

#4 That same grandfather was many things in his life.  One of them was a boxer, nicknamed “Rocky.”  (Before the rest of the world would attach the last name “Balboa” when talking about a boxer named Rocky.)

#5 My other grandfather also boxed.

#6 My grandfathers could probably beat up your grandfathers.

#7 I’m a lover not a fighter.


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