Abyss of Chaos captures its first literary award! Thank you to Breakthrough Bookstore and Dannye Williamsen for its tireless efforts to support and promote Indie talent, and for taking a chance on Abyss of Chaos!

A Wonderful New Writer!

By Dannye Williamsen 

Playing off of the history, the beliefs, and the legends of the religious triangle of Christians, Jews, and Muslims and their ongoing confrontations, David Beem has written a tale of great intrigue titled Abyss of Chaos. He has woven the past into the present to present a concept of good versus evil, an evil that always balances itself against good as men fight men and as traditions brace themselves to support the unfolding of the prophecies.

It would not be difficult to compare this novel to other novels that became big screen successes, such as the Indiana Jones series and The Da Vinci Code, in terms of its grand scale or the action level. As a reader, however, I was impressed by the artistry with which Beem handled the complexity of the story without the reader’s eyes glazing over from so much information. I was captivated by his fluidity of phrasing. As a successful professional cellist, Beem is certainly at one with the sequencing of notes to evoke emotions in the listener—emotions that range from joy to melancholy. In Abyss of Chaos, he has managed to generate these same experiences for the reader with his words. In my opinion, the richness of his narrative is what makes this story a good read.

This novel is book one in a series. The next is titled The Philosopher’s Game. Although I do not know how the characters in Abyss of Chaos will figure into the second book, I will tell you that connecting on an emotional level with Maxwell Sinclair, Aliyah Khoury, Francesco Bellini, and even Shariff Izherri, and finally, Azrail, the devotee of Ad-Dajjal, the Deceiver, in this first book happens without effort. I can only imagine that this experience will continue as we follow this tale by a great new writer—David Beem.



4 thoughts on “Abyss of Chaos Captures Editor’s Choice Award

  1. Wonderful David. It’s great for your hard work and diligence to be noticed and rewarded. Maybe it will help sell more books!!

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