It is with mixed feelings that I announce today that the production of The Philosopher’s Game is suspended, until further notice. The condition of the book is strong. The story is compelling, exciting, and offers major surprises, twists and turns. In short, it’s everything I want in the second installment of the Max Sinclair trilogy. The decision to suspend its production is a purely financial one.

Books cost money to produce. And the reality is that, for the independent writer, it is paramount that we retain a budget for first-rate editing, cover artist, publicity, and other incidental expenses, in order for our work to shine and remain competitive in the market. The writing of TPG is at a point where it could be ready within a month, or a year. But the budget just isn’t.

This doesn’t mean I’ll stop working on the book. It only means that the soonest I could guarantee it ever sees the courtesy of my editor, or the brilliant styling of its cover artist, is 2014. And the possibility that it may be that long is why I’m making this announcement today. In the meantime, my intention is to finish the trilogy ahead of TPG‘s release.

Also, starting very soon, I’ll be offering an exciting new online novel, right here on my blog, FOR FREE. More news on that on Wednesday’s postso keep a sharp eye out!

Finally, you may have noticed that it looks a little different around here. Things at have grown fast in a very short amount of time. I’m doing some long overdue pruning, and I hope you’ll bear with me as I reorganize the content on this site.

Your support means everything to me. Without a reader, there is no reason for me to write. I make this announcement in the spirit of full disclosure, and with the hope that you’ll continue to follow me on my next big story-telling adventure, until I can return to the world of Mr. Sinclair, the Ark of the Covenant, and ad-Dajjal, with the highest standard of excellence that the story deserves.


3 thoughts on “Announcement: Production of The Philosopher’s Game Suspended

  1. Hi David,
    I find your posts so very inspirational – I for one will definitely continue reading your posts and online novel. And I’ll keep my fingers crossed the financial hold up gets resolved.

  2. As always, I remain a loyal supporter of all your work! I’m sorry to hear of the postponement, but I know good things will come from you now and in the future! Best to you, my friend!-Sarah

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