Who killed the genius pharmaceutical engineer, Preston Hyperion? That is the question burning in the stomach of son, Harlan, when he discovers a hidden chamber and time travel super suit bequeathed to him by his late father. Armed with the suit and its gift of mysterious psychic powers, Harlan travels through time in a desperate attempt to prevent his father’s murder and solve a forty-year-old mystery—but will his actions hold unintended consequences?

The Origin of Harlan Hyperion is a free online novel by David Beem. Each week, a new chapter is published, right here on http://www.davidbeem.wordpress.com, until the novel is complete.This exciting reading experience is an opportunity to witness a novel come to life and take its first breath, week after week.

For those who dislike online reading, and would prefer the Kindle format, The Origin of Harlan Hyperion is available for a limited time as a 99-cent E-book at Amazon.com. Those who elect to purchase a copy for the convenience of a personalized reading experience may return to the Amazon buy page each week for a free update on the novel as new chapters are written. Once the novel is complete, the book will no longer be available as a 99-Cent E-book. Instead, my intention is to republish at the “premium” E-book price of $2.99, and offer a paper back edition at that time as well.

In the meantime, please subscribe to my blog to receive regular email updates on this new, exciting piece of FREE serial fiction.


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