Brought to you by the party of less government and fiscal sense.

FACT: Each act of voter fraud risks a five-year prison sentence and $10k fine.

FACT: The 2004 election in Ohio yielded a voter fraud rate of 0.00004%.

FACT: In an effort to correct something which occurred in Ohio 0.00004% of the time, Republicans’ proposed laws will obstruct 10% of expected Democratic voters.

Scaring voters into believing rampant mythic voter fraud exists is a vile tool used to suppress American voices. While today it is a Democrat, tomorrow it could be a Republican.

But, since statistics and numbers usually scare away the unthinking person, try this one on for size: Would you personally risk five years in jail and a $10,000 fine to cast ONE vote?

Supporters of voter i.d. laws believe it is a patriotic action to shred the constitution, apparently, since they don’t really want Americans to vote if they’re not going to vote “the right way.”

The only type of voter fraud voter i.d. laws address is the type that occurred in Ohio, in 2004, 0.00004% of the time. So, whose agenda is served? And for what? Losing an election by 0.00004% of the vote? If that’s why, your party’s got bigger problems. Namely its devolution into despotism. Or the fact that, apparently, you’re convinced you’ve got to muzzle 10% of your neighbors in order to win against the worst president ever. And what does that say about your candidate if you’ve got to cheat to beat the worst ever?

READ this brief from the Brennan Center for Justice.

Republicans and Democrats must stop this before this becomes the new norm.

This recent study shows that one in ten Americans do not have readily available documentation or proof of citizenship.

Now, if this bugs you, as I have heard ad nauseam from the pro voter i.d. crowd, then, to you, I say: “FIX IT.” Yes, you. Fix that problem before hammering 10% of American voters into a fascist oblivion during an election year.

You heard me. Shelf your “principled” stance on whether or not someone is too lazy, old, poor, fat, whatever. Shelve your “principled” objections until a non election year, if you think you’re so damned patriotic. You can do it. Show some back bone. Don’t be a snake. Be a man. Be a woman. Be the courageous veteran you are. Put your back into it. Drive an elderly person to get his/her passport photo before you get in the way of that citizen’s rights–because that’s what it is to be a person of real principle.

Not the fake kind who, since s/he can’t walk the walk, all they’ve got is talk.

Yes, I’m mad about this one. The loudest voices supporting voter i.d. laws are some of the biggest hypocrites I’ve ever heard–and that’s saying something this time of year. Those people (yes, you if you are one of them) need to take a good look in the mirror. The only reason to strip these Americans, THIS year, of rights they’ve always had, is because you don’t want them to be able to vote. And that makes you less of an American. It makes you a hypocrite, since every other part of your politics is about a “war on this” or a “war on that” and now that you’ve actually got a real war on freedom–you’re the one supporting it!

If your motives are pure, shelve all this voter i.d. crap until election season is over. Show some courage. Stand up to your party. Seriously. Otherwise, you aren’t being patriotic–you’re promoting despotism, and you’re doing it because you believe the ends justify the means. You’re doing it because you hate Obama so much you’re willing to become all those things you’re accusing him of. You’ve crossed the line between a hyperbolic war of words and an actual war for our freedom, and you’re betraying the very rights brave men and women have died for.

See, it doesn’t matter if you like Obama. It doesn’t even matter if you think he’s the next Adolf Hitler. It DOES matter that you’re ready to use tools that are the tools of despots–which makes you someone who supports despots.

Whether you are Republican or Democrat, every American must stand up to the extremist, irrational, and dangerous threat this poses to our democracy. Please sign this petition and, if you’re so inclined, by circulate this post through social media.

Thank you for your help.


One thought on “War On Freedom!

  1. yeah, all the statistics show this is a “non” issue but if we can disenfranchise a few – hey maybe we didn’t catch them in the gerrymander redistricting and this gives us a second try to tilt things our way! could really piss you off if you give it too much thought – Doonesbury did a good “jim crow” series on this.


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