Edger is falling for Mary, his bodyguard, kick-ass spy, and cover wife. But she’s so hopelessly out of his league, it’s clear someone’s going to get hurt. Less clear? That someone may be the Prime Minister of Australia!

When Mary confesses her desire to kill the world leader whose assassination Edger’s supposed to prevent, Edger’s superpowers pick the worst time to stop working. Without a fully functional psychic superhero, their team of spies can no longer order him to probe Mary’s mind for ill intent. The stage is set for a confrontation that threatens to strip a defenseless Edger of his loyal protector just when he needs her most.

Return to the Collective Unconscious, this time with Listerine-chugging stoners, Hollyweirdos, commie-alien-kung fu robots, one space gorilla-unicorn, and an exceedingly lovesick Vladimir Putin.

Mind your fingers and toes on page 222. Those skydiving mind-control monkeys have been known to bite!

Preorder today!

5 Star Rating

Praise for Edger (2018)

“Outlandish, hectic, and sometimes illogical but undeniably entertaining.”

Kirkus Reviews

5-Star Amazon Customer Reviews

“From start to finish David Beam had me hooked. You can’t go wrong with a ‘high tech super-advanced nano-artificial intelligence” that thinks it might be a neo-Nazi anarchist cow.”


“I loved the author’s writing style, I loved his ability to toss in random humor that caught me by surprise at times and made me smile and even laugh out loud. I am not always a huge superhero/ super-villain fan–but, this book was one of my favorites so far this year. Sometimes you just need a laugh–and this book is certainly good for that. I would love to see Edger become a series–or at least read more books of this style from the author.”


“The story is a good one. Reminded me of Douglas Adam’s works, specifically Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy in that there are many zany characters, but all seem plausible the way they’re written…This is one wild ride, very funny. But not for kids! I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading this author’s other works.”

Gerri Brown

“This cross between the biting humor of Carl Hiaasen and the sweet silliness of a season of CHUCK will have you looking forward to the sequel! I give this book 5 shiny *and* sharp Ninja throwing stars and recommend it to all who love a humorous romp.”

Sharon Buchbinder

“I really enjoyed this spy/sci-fi/superhero/good-vs-evil/surreal story by David Beem. Lots of amusing characters and plot twists, complete with psychic communion with Bruce Lee. I look forward to the sequels!”

Jennifer Greenlee

5 reasons to pre-order your copy today.

1. Skydiving Russian mind-control monkeys!

2. Crossdressing commie-alien kung fu robots!

3. A space gorilla unicorn who goes by Roar Atcha!

4. An exceedingly lovesick Vladimir Putin reenacting the boom box scene from Say Anything!

5. A space pirate ship called The Buck Rogers’ Jollies!

edger lives - poster


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